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PESCO are licensed fumigators. This means that we are legally permitted to operate in closed areas using gaseous pesticides. We provide this service for stored products, airplanes, and ships.

Do you have the munchies? Termites in Jordan pose a big problem. They invade your home and cause severe damage, usually before being detected. Generally you’ll only notice you have termites when you see the lower parts of your door frames eaten up. If your termite problem is not treated, the termites will move on to other areas of your home. So don’t wait until your home has been munched away! Call PESCO to perform pre- and post-construction termite control treatments.

PESCO performs such treatments for the commercial sector as well, where the problem is ongoing. Integrated pest management (lPM) takes a holistic approach to providing a safe and hygienic environment for you. Where using pesticides to solve a pest problem is a last measure. If it needs to be used at all. This approach is vital in commercial, institutional and industrial locations that may necessitate minimal use of pesticides in sensitive areas. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a system of practices designed to choose the most economical and environmentally friendly course of action in controlling pests. Fundamental to IPM is the concept of “Know what the problem is before you apply pesticides.” The principles of IPM can be used at home, in schools, in commercial settings and in agriculture.

PESCO provides a number of lectures and courses for the public, these include:

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