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As the first licensed public health pest control company operating in Jordan since I989. the Arab Pest Control Center (PESCO) operates with in-depth knowledge on exotic and common pests to help you stay pest-free. At PESCO, we understand the importance of public health safety very well: this is why we only use products manufactured by SYNGENTA Public Health. We use top-of- class products to ensure you have maximum safety and a clean outcome.  PESCO has been a member of the National Pest Management Association since I997. PESCO staff carries ISO (International  Standards Organization) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and  Critical Control Point) certifications with years of public health pest control experience to provide you with integrated pest management solutions.

And how do we do this!

When you call us with a pest problem, we visit your location and determine the nature and reasons of your pest problem. We inspect your location thoroughly, assess your pest situation, and report maintenance and hygiene requirements. Once we have found the reason or reasons that invited your pest in, we then select the proper control method. We provide you with information, products and services to help you control your pests further. Our work strategy is based on Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which combines the latest scientific and practical technological methods with site-specific customized treatment programs in order to solve all public health pest problems.

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